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The Team


Founder & CEO

Bhavaani is an engineer with a bachelor’s degree in technology from JNTU, Hyderabad. She has knowledge of 3D animation, VFX production, as well as technical, financial, and marketing expertise in various fields. This young entrepreneur aims to venture into an industry driven by innovative research. With over 12 years of experience, she has a strong command of various technologies and manufacturing processes. She is planning to establish a product-based 3D animation company in Hyderabad. She will supervise our research and development team and strive to achieve success powered by her consistent perseverance, excellent analytical and communication skills, and strong leadership qualities.

Hemendra Dave

CTO/Sales Director

Hemanth has 15 years of experience in satellite TV, digital cinema, and hardware manufacturing. He serves as the CEO of K Sera Sera and holds the position of CTO in our chaplet studio. With extensive expertise in the media and IT industry, particularly in digital data delivery networks, he has spent over 15 years managing multiplatform ISP services, including satellite TV, ISP, IPTV, and mobile TV, facilitating end-to-end video content delivery networks that connect millions of households. Currently, he works as the technology head at Corpus Media Labs Pvt Ltd, a company specializing in digital audio-video enterprise solutions for content encoding, encryption, and delivery.

Chaithanya P

Business Director International Alliances

Dynamic Business individual with extensive experience in maximizing revenue growth models and developing international/overseas potential relationships. Strong collaborative approach to working with clients and stakeholders. Passionate about shaping the future of Vfx/Animation/Designing and video advertising and more. One of the core pillars of chaplet studios.


Creative Director

Narendra Malle is a software engineer hailing from Andhra Pradesh with 15 years of diverse experience in editing, photography, direction, VFX, animation, and writing. He possesses a deep passion for creating larger-than-life stories that transcend the limitations of physical film production. To achieve this ambition, he pursued a comprehensive understanding of 3D animation. Over the course of his three-year association with us, he has contributed to the development of 20 years' worth of animation projects. Currently, he holds the position of Creative Director.


VFX Supervisor

Vijay is a VFX animation expert with a decade of experience. He has not only personally worked on numerous government projects and studios but has also trained nearly 1000 students in the field. Currently, Many of his former students have risen to prominent positions as VFX supervisors in well-known production houses and VFX studios. Bharat possesses extensive knowledge in animation, VFX studio operations, and virtual production pipelines, which integrate real-time rendering and motion capture technologies to produce high-quality content.


Studio Supervisor

Suneel Kumar is a creative writer and director with a background in flash design (multimedia) from Andhra Pradesh, having graduated from Andhra University. As a fiction enthusiast and cinephile, he became captivated by mythological stories and developed a strong passion for crafting fantasy and historical characters, bringing them to life through the exciting world of animation. With 12 years of experience encompassing writing, directing, editing, VFX, graphic design, and 3D animation, he has contributed as a writer to several movies and now serves as a creative writer and director.

Sathya Durga


Satya is a postgraduate with a Master’s degree in Sociology from Andhra university, Andhra Pradesh.

2years experience of as a SQL DBA in information technology. she has good analysis of the people and convince the clients .very confident and handle the daily business operations of the Company. She will supervise and manage all over office organizations and capable to reach the goals and aims. working closely with department heads and supervisors to support the day-by-day activity of employees.

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